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Wildcat Baseball “Little Sluggers” Program

The Wildcats held their first-ever Little Sluggers Program kickoff event on Saturday, February 3rd at Wildcat Field.  The Wildcat Baseball Program had more than 80 “Little Sluggers” sign up for the mentor program.

The mission of the Wildcat Sluggers program is to foster a supportive and nurturing environment where both the player and slugger can learn, grow, and form meaningful connections.

  1. Meet & Greet: First introductions of the player, slugger, and the slugger’s parents. Play catch, run the bases, teach a skill, and have fun!
  2. Speak to the parent(s) about setting up a line of communication. It can be through email, text, or phone calls. *Players will not be allowed to have a text thread with the slugger WITHOUT their parent(s) included.
  3. Ask about the slugger’s activities; players will attend practices, games, or other events as their schedule permits.
  4. Sluggers will attend home games and be allowed on the field during the National Anthem. They will meet their player* at the 3rd base dugout, and walk with the player to their position or along the 3rd base line.
  5. Baseball Booster Club Of Walnut Grove® will host an End of Season pizza party in April for the Sluggers and their players.

Pictures of the kickoff event below are provided by Summer Spooner Photography.